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Interpreters are citizens of the world! It is not only the love for language and communication that keeps us going, bust first and foremost an enormous curiosity for everything that is new as well as for the wonders of the world. The life of an interpreter is determined by travel, be it professionally or on a private basis.

I grew up in Chile, studied in Germany, live in France, work has taken me to many places in the world. This makes me a cosmopolitan from birth, being at home in the world!
Working at numerous conferences in Southern Africa made me discover the many beauties and wide open spaces and has woken my curiosity for the wealth and beauty of the animal world and nature on this marvelous continent.

Hans-Werner Mühle
Phone: +33 (0)3 88 06 20 44
Mobile +33 6 08 07 18 30
7a, rue des jardins
67410 Drusenheim